With over 4 years of engineering experience, I can tag myself as a builder. With a Masters in Nanotechnology and Microelectronics, it took me a few years to understand that the easiest and fastest way to build is with a simple laptop. Now, I am a Software Engineer passionately dedicated to Data Science, AI, and Web3 technologies. The change was progressive, early on, I was learning Python after my working hours, then the pandemic came, and I got more time to dive into it. Along the way, I landed a job that combined microelectronics and programming. And the time came, to enroll in a Data Science bootcamp that equipped me with the essential skills to excel as a developer. Shortly after, an opportunity arose to work as a Software Engineer in French Guiana. I packed up the essentials, and I flew to the Amazon rainforest to work as a Software Engineer at the European Spaceport. Nature gave me the breeze I needed to keep building, and being creative.

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Skills & Expertise

equalizer Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Dashbords (pandas, plotly, dash, ...)
edit_square Technical Writing, Documentation, Reports
dvr Web Development, CSS, HTML, Flask, Django
precision_manufacturing Automation, Python Scripting, Web Scraping, GUIs

Data Science & Data Analysis

Web Scraping

Automation with Python

Technical Writing

UX/UI & Web Development



Harness the potential of web3 publishing platforms’ datasets through dashboards.

Web Development

Upload datasets and return interactive dashboards using Python, HTML, and CSS.

Data Visualization

Leverage the combination of Playwright scrolling functions and Beautiful Soup to deal with infinite scroll.

Web Scraping

An in-depth Exploratory Data Analysis using the GPT-4.

Prompt Engineering

Web scrape data from JavaScript-rendered websites by using Python.

Web Scraping

Use Langchain and Pinecone to feed LLMs from Hugging Face and OpenAI.

Prompt Engineering

Transport Risk Mitigation through Exploratory Data Analysis and ML Models.

Machine Learning

7 examples comparing the execution time in Pandas and Polars.

Data Manipulation

Paid work

EDA and ML models on to Prevent Transportation Risks with IoT data.


Reporting the steps to predict the sales transaction amounts of Dubai properties.


Technical writing about geo-targeting with Bright Data Scraping Browser

Technical Writing

Technical writing about web scraping ecommerce products with Bright Data

Technical Writing

I'm always trying to enroll in more and more tasks on Upwork, such as Data Science, Technical writing and ML.


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